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Thursday, 24 July 2014

"If you go down to the woods today...." - 23rd July 2014

Silver-Washed Fritillary

Really pleased to see two species of Butterfly that I had not seen before - the Silver-Washed Fritillary and the White Admiral Butterfly!

Silver-Washed Fritillary

White Admiral Butterfly

"If you go down to the woods today...." - 23rd July 2014

Banded Demoiselle

...and I though Butterflies were difficult! While Ian and I were wandering Ryton Woods, officially looking for Butterflies, but secretly hoping we would stumble across a teddy bears picnic, we could not resist attempting some images of Damselflies and Dragon Flies! Some help on the ID would be welcome! Scouring the books did not help that much! Many thanks to Bob H for assistance in identifying the Common Darter for me!

Banded Demoiselle

Common Blue Damselfly (?)

Common Darter

"If you go down to the woods today....." - 23rd July 2014

Peacock Butterfly

Something different today with Ian and myself heading out to Ryton Woods in search of Butterflies. This is something that I know little about and struggle to identify, so a steep learning curve! It is amazing how fast these creatures move making it difficult for me to lock on! If I have mis-identified any or have put a (?) name, I am willing to receive assistance! It was a very relaxing morning and one I hope to repeat fairly soon. Next time, though, I will take along a few teddy bears in order to fulfil requirements to host a special picnic!

Peacock Butterfly

Speckled Wood Butterfly

Meadow Brown Butterfly

Ringlet Butterfly

Green Veined White (?) Butterfly

Gatekeeper Butterfly

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Night Heron @ Seeswood Pool, Nuneaton - 23rd July 2014

Several years ago, a Night Heron appeared at Earlswood Lakes, a bird that took two visits to locate and then I had to be content with a flyover bird in almost darkness. Yesterday, Dennis W kindly texted me to advise that a Night Heron had been located at Seeswood Pool near Nuneaton! Unable to get out there, I decided to await the images from fellow birders, and I have to say some excellent images were obtained (D Hutton et al). Today, I planned to visit Ryton Woods, with Ian for some butterfly therapy and enjoyed a good morning. At midday, a decision was taken to "nip" over to Seeswood and have a look. It was definitely a case of "you should have gone yesterday" as today the bird, although showing, was skulking in the bushes! I am rather embarrassed to attach these "record shots"! Also, I had to make do with my small lens (100-400mm)!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

An hour to kill! - 19th July 2014

(?) Dark Green Fritillary

Abigail was singing in the choir at St. Marks Bilton at a wedding, which gave me an hour to mooch around the church yard. With very few birds about, my attention was drawn to the butterflies around some of the overgrown grave stones. It was very humid, much to my dislike, and I was soaking wet through sweat! My attention was drawn to the (?) Dark Green Fritillary (above), which gave me a good run for my money, only managing this one image, that I had to put on facebook to identify it! (I'm no expert on butterflies and moths!). Not a lot of variety but hey ho it was enjoyable! I'm sure you will correct me if my identification is wrong!



Speckled Wood

Green Veined White (I think)